Best Paintball Guns under 100

best paintball guns under 100

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Paintball is cheaper than other similar sports, so new players and younger players can try it out. Beginner paintball markers cost less than $100, and new players should get their hands on the best paintball gun under $100.

They are the least expensive paintball guns on the market, so that they won’t break the bank. The purpose of these guns is to facilitate a speedier entry into gameplay. Most of the time, they won’t have advanced features like the ones on more expensive models.

Here we discuss a paintball gun worth considering, whether you’re just getting into the sport or looking to buy your first one. If so, you’ll want to read this post to ensure you get the most excellent paintball gun under 100$.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
  • CO2 or Compressed air
  • Polymer Barrel Material
  • Two Finger Double Trigger
  • External Velocity Adjustment
JT SplatMaster Z18 Paintball Marker
JT SplatMaster Z18 Paintball Marker
  • CO2 Powered
  • Rounds 200
  • .50 Caliber
  • Color ‎Neon Green
Mercury Rise Venom Paintball Marker
Mercury Rise Venom Paintball Marker
  • Semi-Auto Action
  • .68 Caliber
  • Compressed Air or CO
  • Anodized Aluminum Body

Top 3 best Paintball Guns Under 100

You can spend a little money to get the best budget paintball gun. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 paintball guns under $100, so you can find the perfect gun for your budget. Read on to find the best paintball gun for you.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty

Value for money
Light Weight


  • Paintball gun with blowback
  • Specialty and big-box stores carry it.
  • Upgrades abound
  • CO2 or air-powered

The high-quality aluminum body of the Spyder Victor Paintball Marker will keep you shooting, whether dry, wet, or windy. It incorporates an EKO valve system that allows for rapid, accurate firing. Six pieces make up the cannon, which may assemble without needing tools. It also has a more extended warranty so you can buy it confidently.

Your game will be more fun because the marker is easy to use and keep up. You won’t have to fret over breakage as often because you can make a fix in an instant without the need for any equipment.

It’s challenging to get accurate shots off quickly with other paintball guns, but the two-finger trigger on this one makes it possible. You can also change the speed you play to fit the conditions of the game. High-impact polymers make the gun stronger and more resistant to wear and tear, so it can be used for a long time and handled roughly.

This marker has a free extended warranty, making it a great value. This paintball marker has a sturdy build, unlike most of the market. This paintball gun with a double trigger is cheap and works well, so it’s suitable for both beginners and pros.


There is nothing flashy about the original Victor blowback gun from Kingman’s Spyder. It has a double trigger, sight rail, and vertical feed tube in addition to the regular bottom line and ASA caliber (you must use a removable vertical feedneck). The Victor is available in several different colors, but these choices are primarily aesthetic.


The Victor is an affordable paintball gun that manages to deliver good results. Remember that the trigger pull is long and somewhat stiff, so don’t go crazy. Paintball muzzle velocity varies widely from shot to shot because of this inconsistency.

The Victor may be erratic in its performance, but with good paintballs, you should be able to strike an opponent at 40 feet (or farther) within a couple of rounds, despite the gun’s limited range.

The Victor has a problem where the paint gets “chopped” in the chamber about once every 100-200 shots. However, you may not experience any chopping if you locate a paintball brand that performs well with your handgun (some pistols “prefer” certain paintball brands).

Reliability and Maintenance

As a result, nothing can go wrong with the Victor, and the guns tend to last for years (I have seen many that are several years old and work like new). All your gun requires in between shooting sessions is an occasional lube and wipe-down. YOu can fix most gun leaks by simply replacing the O-rings.


Although Victor’s base model isn’t much to write home about, it makes for a great first gun thanks to its high upgrade potential. The Victor may easily customize with the help of a wide range of add-ons. Numerous firms produce upgrades, and there are many upgrades to choose from; this makes upgrades both cheap and easy to find.

Models updated

Kingman updates the Victor regularly, usually once a year. Newer models are very similar to the ones that came before them, but they look better, are more reliable, and are easier to take care of.

  • Cheaper than most markers
  • Lightweight, portable
  • External velocity adjuster
  • An extended warranty makes it user-friendly
  • EKO valve system makes shooting easy
  • Not reliable
  • Cheap paint chopper
  • Low-quality parts

My Review

Even though it is Kingman’s most entry-level and fundamental paintball gun on the market, the Spyder Victor still competes favorably with other pistols in its class.

The Victor could be more accurate, fast, and consistent; however, due to its low cost, ease of use, and a high degree of upgradability, it is an excellent first gun for a starting player.

This marker is attractive since it has a free extended warranty, a significant selling point. This paintball marker is built to last, unlike most paintball markers that fall apart after just a few months of use.

This paintball gun has a double trigger, is reasonably priced, and performs exceptionally well in all environments. All players, from beginners to seasoned pros, will find it to be a great choice.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

The Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty is the newest addition to the successful Spyder markers; the Victor is a lightweight, high-performance marker designed for the entry-level paintball player. It features a simple, two-finger double trigger, clamping feed neck, and pull pin top cocking Delrin bolt, all of which make the Victor a breeze to maintain and operate. The Victor paintball marker also has a high-impact polymer clamping feed neck and an external velocity adjuster, allowing you to switch between high-end and low-end paintballs easily.

JT SplatMaster z18 .50 Cal Paintball Marker w/ 200 Round Hopper

Value for money
Light Weight

Here’s something new for first-generation gamers: the Z18 Splatmaster 50cal. JT’s Splatmaster, which has been copied a lot, has been updated and improved to make low-impact play more fun for younger players and those new to the game. Still incredibly lightweight, the pumping movement has simplified for a more relaxing, low-impact exercise.

JT is committed to building the foundation in the paintball field by making high-quality paintball gear that makes the game more fun for new players.

This mid range paintball pistol is top-notch in every way. It uses spring action, so you don’t have to change the CO2 cartridges. Because of this, it is not nearly as hazardous. Even so, it is not something you should use to shoot at people or animals. At close range, it would be painful, but at a greater distance, you wouldn’t feel anything.

It has a long-range—seventy-five feet if I had to estimate it (maybe a Lil further). It is accurate enough for my child to hit a paper target that we have stuck to the storage shed every time.

In addition to a safety button and a barrel blocker made of rubber for further protection, the tank may store a sufficient quantity of paintballs. Additionally, the company was an excellent resource. A less dangerous way for your child to enjoy the paintball game.

  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Great distance cover
  • Suitable for only kids
JT SplatMaster Z18 Paintball Marker

JT SplatMaster Z18 Paintball Marker

The JT SplatMaster is safe, affordable, and perfect for all paintball players. Built with maximum safety in mind, it is low impact, velocity, and pressure With a lightweight, easy-to-use pump action. It is an excellent gift for any young paintball fan.

Mercury Rise Venom Semi-Auto .68 Caliber Paintball Gun Marker

Value for money
Light Weight


  • Speed Adjuster
  • Molded grip
  • External Velocity Adjuster
  • Tool-free Unplug

It is a practical starting point—an improvement over Tippmann markers. After a short time, when I had to adjust the pistol, I was finally able to hit the target with my headshots. After the first game, I lost the top screw holding the hopper in place, but I don’t know why that happened. It was a good thing that friends had extra screws to help tighten it.

It is a marker you might want to have while playing with pros, but having your own is preferable to renting one because it enhances the game’s enjoyment.

In comparison to its cost, the firearm is of exceptionally high quality. The one warning is that you shouldn’t use cheap paintballs in this gun since it will let you know right away that it doesn’t like them, but other than that, it’s a great gun for beginners.

I have much experience with paintball weapons with sights mounted on them, so I am not used to using them. I am unable to see the target when I point my gun. The gun is easy to set up and configure and has excellent technical specs in case it needs to be rebuilt.

It will shoot quickly so long as there is air in the tank, but it will spread everywhere. The rifle was never used aggressively.

  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Bottom-line ASA adapter
  • Aluminum foregrip
  • Tool-less plug
  • Not for experts
Mercury Rise Venom Paintball Marker

Mercury Rise Venom Paintball Marker

With superior materials, the Mercury Rise Venom ensures maximum durability and performance. At the same time, a sleek anodized aluminum body and molded grip make it lightweight and comfortable in the field. The exclusive tool-free plug design allows easy access to the entire marker without needing any tools. The foregrip is also crafted from aluminum, and the integrated velocity adjuster allows for quick and easy changes to your firing modes so you can adapt to any situation on the field.


When struck, it hurts most in the hands, neck, crown of the head, and thighs. If you don’t want your hands to hurt, you should always wear paintball gloves with padding and armor on the back to protect them.

The bare minimum number of paintballs required for a day’s worth of play for an adult team would be one hundred paintballs per game.

You will have three hours of game time when you purchase the morning paintball package from AC Paintball. Therefore, you will need roughly 600 paintballs to complete this mission.

When you hire a gun, you can receive one that functions better than it should. If you have your gun, you will know how it works and can do any routine maintenance that it needs. In addition to this, your paintball pistol can be customized to meet your requirements.



If you’re set on spending less than $100 on a paintball gun, the Kingman Spyder Victor is your best choice. The Victor is a high-quality marker, but there is a major drawback to it that you should know. The lack of a natural front grip to cling onto is a disadvantage. The steel braided hose linking the inline ASA to the marker requires constant gripping to prevent it from disengaging. The Kingman Spyder Victor is a little awkward, but it will do the job if all you want to do is play paintball in the backyard with your buddies or family.

If you buy a Spyder Victor, you won’t have to waste money on rental fees again, which is a significant perk in my book.

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