How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball

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Paintball is one of the most popular sports across the globe. It is a sport that requires a lot of agility, speed, and the ability to think fast. So you have decided to play paintball with a friend, and worry about how much does it cost to play paintball.

The paintball price depends on the field you plan to play. This hobby can be expensive because it requires a lot of gear, both for the equipment of paintball guns and masks. Your safety is most important in paintball, so you must ensure that you run a safe game and use the proper protective clothing.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

The cost of paintball varies on how often you want to play and which type of game you select. The paintball game can be much more expensive if you buy your own equipment.

The cost of paintball can be of two categories. The initial cost of equipment is one time which is required to get started, and the cost that you will have to pay each time you play. My personal experience is to rent the equipment if you are a beginner to reduce your initial cost. Then if you have decided to continue this hobby for the as long term, then go for your own equipment.

Paintball field entry fees can range from 10-30 dollars for one round of the game. If you think of renting paintball equipment, it costs you extra 30-40 dollars. You also need paintballs which will cost around 30-50 dollars depending on how many paintballs you shoot and your skill level.

Rental Equipment

Here are the basic items of rental packages that game management will provide if you decide to rent equipment. You must bring extra clothes to change into when entering the paintball field.

  • An entry-level gun
  • Mask or Goggles
  • Paintball Tank
  • A Hopper

As discussed earlier, start the paintball game by renting the equipment. If you choose to play more regularly as a long-term bobby, it is better to invest in your own equipment. As a beginner, you don’t have to pay for pricey equipment; select the basic equipment which will cost you less.

A basic paintball pack is also a good option if you want to invest less. In these packs, you will typically find a basic gun, mask, and 12-gram co2 CO2 canisters. These guns may not be much accurate and break paint in the barrel. The mask covers your face but could be more comfortable.

Entry Level Paintball Gun

An entry-level paintball gun is an excellent choice for someone just starting in the sport. These guns are usually less expensive than their high-end counterparts but still offer good performance and features. They are easy to use and require little maintenance. Many entry level guns also come with a warranty, so you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

An entry level semi automatic or electro-mechanical paintball gun will cost you under 100$. You can purchase an upgradeable gun for under 200$. Upgradeable paintball guns allow you to add improved barrels, expansion chambers, and other upgrades by investing more.

Paintball Gun
Paintball Gun

High-End Paintball Guns

If you plan on competing, you need an accurate gun with a fast firing rate. You can spend as much as you want to buy high-end paintball guns. These guns are made with the highest quality materials and feature the latest technology, which makes them perfect for serious paintball players.

If you’re looking for the best possible performance and want to ensure you have to edge on your opponents, then a high-end gun is the way to go. The price of high-end paintball guns can reach 2000 dollars. Many brands of high-end paintball guns are on the market, so research to find the one that is right for you.

For an in-depth look, check our review of the best paintball guns.

Paintball Masks

A paintball mask is an essential safety gear worn by the player to protect their faces and eyes from incoming paintballs. Paintball masks typically have a clear plastic visor to protect the wearer’s eyes and a mesh or foam layer to protect the rest of the face.


The paintball mask helps to keep you from breathing and prevent severe injuries to the face and eyes. A beginner paintball mask can be around 25$-60$. Many masks also have additional features, such as fog-resistant lenses and breathable fabrics, which cost more.

Paintball Tank

The paintball tank is used to store compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2) to power a paintball gun. The tank is attached to the gun via a hose, and the air or CO2 is released when the gun is fired. You can easily refill your paintball tank at home, and the initial cost of these tanks is also low.

Paintball Hopper

A paintball hopper is a device that stores and feeds paintballs to a paintball marker. A hopper typically holds around 100-200 paintballs and is mounted on top of the marker. The paintball hopper costs about 5$-10$.


Proper clothing is also important when playing paintball. Paintball clothing should be comfortable and allow you to move around easily. It is also essential to wear clothing that will not absorb paint. The paintball game can be a little messy, so it is important to get clothing that includes custom pants, jerseys, and elbow and knee pads.

The Paint Balls

The paintballs cost can vary depending on where and how many you purchase. Paintballs are typically sold in packs of 100 or more, and the cost of balls can range from 30$-40$ for a case of 2000 rounds.


Ultimately, the cost of paintballs is something that can vary depending on the style of play. The faster you shoot, the more you spend on paintballs.

Field Fees

Paintball fields can differ from location to location, but typical prices are 10$ to 30 dollars. Many fields offer season passes or have reduced rates for permanent members.


The basic cost of playing paintball is relatively low. However, the costs of paintball can increase by purchasing additional paintball accessories and gear. In general, paintball gear such as paintball masks, guns, tanks, and hoppers are priced from approximately 50$ to 150$. Upgrading your equipment can be priced from 100$ to 300$. High-end paintball equipment will cost you more.

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