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Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Gun

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As a paintball enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest equipment to enhance my gameplay. That’s why I was thrilled to get my hands on the Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball Gun, and let me tell you; it did not disappoint!

After years of dominance and countless championship titles, the CS platform is entering its next round. The CS3 is the most advanced spool-valve marker that Planet Eclipse has ever developed. The new OP Core bolt system is unmatched. When combined with the 50% (!) larger valve chamber, this finest piece of engineering operates in a working pressure range of only 95-105 PSI.

Planet CS3 Paintball Gun
Planet CS3 Paintball Gun

In addition to reduced shot noise and improved efficiency, a 20% performance increase is achieved compared to the CS2 Pro. The bolt system is completed by the new Cure FT bolt, which offers higher air flow and can shoot even more brittle paint.

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From the moment I picked it up, I could feel the thought and precision that went into the design. The ergonomics of the marker are top-notch, with a higher hand position and longer grip pitch that allowed me to maintain a comfortable grip even during intense gameplay. The new wraparound grips are a game-changer – no tools are required to remove them, and they keep the electronics safe and secure.

But let’s talk about the real star of the show – the OP Core drive train. This cutting-edge technology delivers exceptional efficiency and consistency while maintaining the reliability that Planet Eclipse markers are known for. The sub-100 PSI operating pressure minimizes wear and tear on internal components, ensuring that the marker lasts for years to come.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker is a high-end electronic paintball gun that has set the bar for the competition. The CS3 features the latest in paintball technology that helps players dominate the field and overpower their opponents.

The CS3 also has a five-point adjustable trigger that gives players total control over their shots. I love being able to fine-tune my shots to ensure that I’m always on target. The S63 Pro barrel system is another key feature that enables the shooter to achieve the greatest accuracy and consistency possible. Plus, the S63 Pro barrel system is a thing of beauty, with honed aluminum bodies and dynamic features that make it stand out from the crowd.

But what really sets the CS3 paintball gun apart is the connectivity. The new Modular Marker Electronics Package (MME), which was first introduced with the LV2, has made its way to the CS platform. The modular marker electronics (MME) within the CS3 incorporate several cutting-edge features, including a BLE Bluetooth module, an upgraded comms board, and the ability to connect to the E-Portal Lite app for further tuning.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Gun
Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse has designed the CS3 Paintball Gun with an aggressive styling, dynamic components, and optimized internals to enable players to dominate the field with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The Eclipse CS3 paintball gun is an amazing choice for serious paintball players who demand the best in terms of design, style, and functionality.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 offers competitive paintball players everything they need and more. The CS3 was developed to dominate the fields of the world, regardless of level and weather conditions.


The Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball gun is a must-have for serious paintball players. It is lightweight, compact, and reliable, and it is packed with years of refinement and an array of standard features that come together in an attractive package. With its next-level efficiency, consistency, and reliability, the CS3 is the perfect marker for paintball player seeking total domination on the field.

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