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The science behind paintball ballistics

The science behind paintball ballistics

Do you know that the way a paintball travels through the air is affected by science? Understanding the science behind ...

Paintball Parties at Home

Unique Ideas for Paintball Parties at Home 2023

Paintball parties at home are gaining popularity for their action and thrilling gameplay. Hosting a paintball party at home can ...

Ghillie vs Leaf Suit

Ghillie vs Leaf Suit | Which One Is Better in 2023

If you’re an avid hunter or paintball player, you know the importance of staying hidden from your opponent. One of ...

Throwable Paintballs

Goblies: Throwable Paintballs

Goblies are small, throwable paintballs that are perfect for a range of activities for a pain-free and mess-free experience. These ...

Air Compressor Guide

Paintball compressor – Air Compressor Guide 2023

Paintball requires a reliable paintball gun or marker, which relies on compressed air to function correctly. As a paintball player, ...


paintball strategies 2023

Paintball is a fun and challenging game that needs good skills, work well with others, and think strategically. Whether you’re ...


How to start paintball business

Paintball has grown from a niche hobby to a thriving industry over the past few decades with millions of people ...

Junior Paintball

Junior Paintball – is paintball safe for kids

Junior paintball is a modified version of the traditional game designed for children. It has specific rules and regulations that ...

how to make a paintball grenade

how to make a paintball grenade

Making a paintball grenade is a great DIY project for anyone who loves paintballing or wants to create something unique. ...

How does a paintball gun work

How does a paintball gun work

If you’re a paintball enthusiast, you may have wondered at some point how a paintball gun works.