Managing Paintball Injuries: How to Treat Paintball Bruises and Welts

Paintball Bruises and Welts

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Ever been hit by paintballs and left with those paintball bruises and welts? While these marks might seem like minor injuries, we all know bruises and welts from paintball can be painful and take time to heal.

If you’re looking for effective ways to make those welts heal faster and reduce pain and swelling, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your go-to guide to prevent paintball bruises and welts and sharing strategies to shield yourself against the sting of paintballs next time.

An injury is expected in aggressive games, and paintball welt or bruises are common side effects. You will get them no matter what difficulty you play on, and they hurt. This comprehensive information can help you avoid injury and tips on how to treat welt from a paintball.

What is Paintball Bruise And Welt

Before becoming involved with the sport of paintball, I had no concept of bruises and having them explained to me. Of course, I was aware of paintball scars, but I could not fathom how they might be acquired while playing the game. 

It is important to understand that paintball bruises are generally not dangerous. The impact of a paintball can indeed leave a mark, resulting in bruises that are visible reminders of the game’s intensity. However, it’s crucial to know the difference between paintball bruise and a more serious injury. Most paintball-related marks, such as the common welts gradually disappear on their own without the need for medical intervention. These bruises are the result of the paintball’s force against the skin and, while they might look severe, they are usually just superficial and will heal over time.

Paintball Bruise

In the sport of paintball, numerous types of paintball bruises might appear on your body based on the force you were stuck with. The color can be purple for shots that aren’t as severe or black for ones that are painful when delivered up close. The usual bruise will fade away on its own after sufficient time has passed, and it will not leave any paintball scars.

Paintball Welt

Because they are the deepest puncture wounds, welts can cause excruciating pain. After being hit with a paintball gun or even an airsoft gun, it reveals itself. If you avoid touching them as much as possible, they will go away quicker than a bruise. This is the best piece of advice for dealing with these.

Bruises and Welts

Paintball Bruise Depend On Distance

Bruises are directly proportional to the distance between the point of contact and the target area. When you are hit at close range on an area your equipment cannot protect, you risk suffering more severe injuries.

If you are struck from a greater distance on the part of your body covered by the appropriate gear, the damage you sustain will be minor and barely noticeable.

You will feel pain in the bruises that result from paintball hits. There’s a remote possibility that they could become reasonably serious, in which case you would need to go to the hospital. However, the majority of them are not fatal, and you should be able to cure them using ointments purchased at the local pharmacy.

Care for Bruises and Welt

Now that we have gotten those out of the way, let’s talk about how you can cure any scrapes or bruises from paintball on your own. By reading this article, you may keep yourself well updated with the latest available treatments.

I edited it whenever I became aware of new procedures or when a new product was made public.

If you can get treatment for your injuries quickly, you will be able to return to the game sooner. Please keep in mind that I am not a medical professional, and if you have any questions about your health, you should get advice from someone who is related to the medical profession.

Bruise Remedies

As I indicated earlier, getting treatment as soon as possible is vital after experiencing a paintball-related bruise. The use of a cold compress, inexpensive and efficient, is one of my go-to treatments of choice.

Find a towel and use it to cover the ice bag before putting it away. Your skin must avoid coming into close touch with the pack at any time. The towel acts as a barrier between your skin and the cold, preventing frostbite, which has happened to other people in the past.

I give it my all for close to fifteen minutes, then rest for an hour before trying again. If you perform this cycle several times, the bruise will disappear completely.

Warm Compresses

After applying a cold compress for some time, you should follow up with a warm one. It is recommended that you should wait at least 24 hours before starting the hot compress treatment.

Now acquire another towel and soak it in warm water. It will make the towel more comfortable to use. Apply it to the swollen area in the same manner that you did the day before.

It requires significantly less effort and provides hematoma paintball a more satisfying sensation when applied to the skin. Your circulation will improve, and the color of the airsoft bruise will lighten as a result of the heat. Keep following the exact instructions. Only this time, apply it for 15 minutes, then wait an hour before using it again.

Vitamin K Cream

Many players use Vitamin K cream to treat paintball gun injuries. You can purchase it at any pharmacy without the requirement of a prescription, and it is also available there.

Before using it, carefully read the directions and consult a medical professional to rule out the possibility of an allergy. Before going out on the field, I apply Vitamin K cream like a boxer would put Tiger Balm in his bag

Salt Baths

If I’ve had a long day, even if I haven’t gotten any paintball bruises or welts, I still soak in a warm Epsom salt bath to relax my muscles. When it comes to lowering the swelling, it works like a miracle and does so in a very sensible manner. You can also purchase the product in drugstores and retail establishments like Wal-Mart throughout the United States.

Most instructions will be the same no matter what brand you go with. Ensure the faucet in your bathtub is turned on and filled with warm water to the brim. After adding a substantial amount of salt, you can begin.

Spend approximately half an hour with your body submerged in the salt water. As a result, you will feel great, and your bruise pain should have subsided to some extent. I always come away from this experience feeling like a new guy, and I’m eager to get back out there and kick some butt.

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Bruises

Although many natural remedies used to cure bruises may appear to be pseudoscience, they appear effective. One technique involves rubbing the peels of a potato or banana onto one’s skin. If you put them on several times a day, you should notice a reduction in the soreness and an increase in the blood flow. Not to mention that keeping them cool is pretty calming and helps you relax while coping with the discomfort.

Paintball bruises and Welts

Welts Treatment Options

A cold compress is an effective treatment for most simple welts, just like it is for dealing with bruises. The redness and inflammation at the site will subside, significantly reducing the discomfort.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used on its own and then applied directly to the area that is hurt to assist in alleviating some of the pain. If you apply it, the discomfort will be reduced, focusing less on the issue and allowing your body to heal more quickly. On the other hand, if you want better treatment, you can combine it with vitamin K and utilize that.

The application of vitamin K and aloe Vera on a paintball welt consistently helps minimize swelling and inflammation, according to a study published in 2011. It’s possible that applying this concoction regularly will prove to be an effective method for accelerating the healing process. By using this method, the risk of piercing the skin, which can lead to the formation of an infection, is significantly decreased.


Another herb that can help reduce swelling and inflammation is arnica, which can be used in many different ways. According to research conducted in 2010 and published in 2011, it is an effective technique to diminish the appearance of welts and lessen the agony they produce.

There are several approaches to this, but the one that I’ve found to be the most effective and least complicated is to apply arnica ointment to the injured area of the body.

More Ways to Treat Paintball Welts

There are several crucial facts you need to know and the treatments you can take to alleviate the discomfort caused by them. Even if it would be beneficial if they healed more quickly, you must also ensure that they will not become infected and that you are receiving the appropriate treatment. In addition, here are three more important things you need to do to speed up the healing process.

Wash The Affected Area

Bruises are discolorations that appear under your skin and don’t tend to break; therefore, there’s little risk of infection. But the welts left behind by paintball are unique, and you’ll need to exercise a little more caution while dealing with them. First things first, before you try any of the therapies I’ve described to you, ensure you wash the affected region with warm soapy water.

Doing this can remove debris, grime, or other potentially infectious substances from your skin. Don’t try to remove the welt by wiping it off; instead, dry it with a clean cloth and tap it gently. You can also apply witch hazel directly to the skin for itching, pain, and swelling.

It would be best to exercise extreme caution when washing or drying the skin since it can become damaged in either of these processes.

Paintball bruises and Welts

Take OCT Pain Medicines

Although over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory pills are probably one of the first things that come to mind, you shouldn’t take them unless the pain is severe enough to warrant them.

A cold compress can help you feel better, but a warm one can help you feel better and reduce some pain. Neither of them will help you heal any faster.

Paintball welts may be excruciatingly painful, and sometimes applying a compress isn’t enough to take the edge off. There’s no other circumstance where you should take over-the-counter pain drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Be careful to take over-the-counter pain medication as needed, and make sure to follow the instructions that are printed on the container.

Visit a Physician

It may take a few days for the paintball bruises and welts to heal, but in most cases, you won’t need medical attention for them. On the other hand, there are severe welts that require to see a doctor and appropriate medicine and take a longer time to recover.

  • Welts, whose disappearance takes more than a week to complete
  • The ache around the welt was intolerable.
  • Discoloration of the elevated area to an extreme degree
  • A lump or mass is forming on the affected area.
  • A widening of the pores on the site that was affected
  • You run the risk of experiencing abnormal bleeding after the game.

They all call for immediate medical attention despite how seemingly insignificant they may be. Remember that paintball welts will heal on their own over time, but you should continuously monitor these symptoms to be sure.

How long do Paintball Bruises Last

The solution to this question, posed by many of my readers, is not easy to come up with because it concerns the duration of welts and bruises. My response depends on a wide variety of things, and by asking them additional questions, I may obtain a clearer picture of the time involved.

The outcome is determined not only by the severity of the wound but also by the location of the wound on your body.

Paintball bruises and Welts

Paintball bruises typically take longer to heal, which is why they are so challenging to eliminate. On the other hand,  welts can last a single day, but it could also take up to a week. Everything depends on where your body was struck and how far away the blow came from. If you take the advice above, the time it takes for your injuries to heal will be reduced, allowing you to return to action sooner and play another day.

How to Avoid Paintball Bruises and Welts 

An old proverb asserts that preventative measures are preferable to treating an illness once it has already developed. Instead of focusing simply on healing, it is better to learn how to prevent bruising in the first place.

This task is not simple, but there are some precautions you may take and pieces of gear you can purchase to lessen the risk of injury. For you to be able to concentrate on playing paintball, the following advice and tactics will assist you in taking care of yourself.

Extra clothes

The best way to avoid getting wounds is to wear extra layers of clothing while playing paintball. You won’t get used to it immediately, but the additional layer will protect you in the long run. The only way to play the sage without getting hurt is to learn how to deal with it and accept it as the price you have to pay.

You will still need to purchase official gear, but this will get you off to a good start until you can afford it. Plus, it will keep your ribs from getting hit with a paintball.

Safety Equipment

When it comes to determining what gear is appropriate to wear, novices consistently make the same error over and over again. If you are new to paintball, it is best to become familiar with the many pieces of protective equipment available on the market and then purchase one of each item.

Gloves, masks, protection vests, padded pants, long sleeved shirts, and goggles are some of the equipment in my paintball bag. I also make sure to bring goggles. Every component is necessary, as they all work together to protect me from grave danger.

I know that a significant problem for many people just beginning to play paintball is that they don’t have enough money to pay for protective gear. When I first started, I ran into the same problem, and my instructor suggested that I get a helmet at the very least as a precautionary measure.

Your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, and they are all located on your head.

As time goes on and you decide that you want to take your interest more seriously, you can make investments in the remaining ones until you have them all. Plain and simple, your chances of needing medical attention will decrease in proportion to the amount of equipment you can acquire.

Become Pro

When it comes to safety, I offer a great deal of guidance on my website regularly, but the piece of recommendation that follows is the most effective one I know to avoid getting hit. You will improve as a player if you try to train and work as hard as possible.

If you improve as a player and acquire the greatest weapon, you will take fewer hits, reducing the likelihood of sustaining scrapes and welts. Please educate yourself on the significance of learning how to take cover and being proficient at judo-style rolls, and do it immediately.

If you put the advice in the preceding paragraphs into practice, you will return home with fewer scrapes and less paint on your body. It will be challenging, and you will have the impression that achieving your goal is impossible, but it is not.

Exercise patience and make it a priority to master the game’s foundations. You will become a formidable opponent as you gain experience via competition and education. The best part is that you won’t feel any pain after leaving.

Ignore cheater players

Everyone who participates in a paintball game must agree to abide by the game’s established guidelines when the game starts. It helps to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring and ensures that the most significant player will come out on top. When you get stuck, you should not wash the paint off and always keep your helmet on. These are two of the most common principles for most games.

Although following these guidelines seems obvious, you would be astonished at how many people choose to disobey them. If something like this does occur, the player or players responsible should be eliminated from the game and banned.

Before beginning, you should always ensure that newcomers are familiar with the guidelines and that everyone is on the same page. If you follow these steps, getting rid of them after that will be much less complicated.


Depending on the force of the blow, welts may remain visible for a few days or even for several weeks.

Keep the compress on the damaged area for the full ten minutes, and do this practice several times for the next two days.

If you are stuck on the back of the head with a thin stick, it may cause a welt to form on your skin. Ouch. A welt is a swelling bruise.

Make an appointment with your primary care physician if you find that you bruise easily or for no apparent reason.


I hope our in-depth guide about paintball injuries was of some assistance to you. You are now equipped with all of the knowledge necessary to keep yourself safe, lessen the pain you experience, and reduce the chance that you may get an injury. Now that you’ve read this, you should understand everything there’s to know about paintball welts and bruises.

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