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Southwest Paintball

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“It’s crazy this area really has nothing to do for kids. It’s funny because at the same time, we have more outdoor activities than any other area I’ve ever lived.”

John White

Southwest Colorado is famous for its outdoor adventures, but a local entrepreneur saw a gap when it came to activities for kids. That’s where Southwest Paintball stepped in, offering a new and exciting entertainment source for the youth.

In the early days of May, Bayfield resident John White brought his vision to life by opening Southwest Paintball. Situated in his very own backyard, on acres of picturesque farmland, this paintball field became a dream turned reality. For White and his wife Colleen, this venture was a shift from retail to creating smiles.

John White humorously shares, “I went from a retail guru to a smile facilitator. And it’s a lot more fun to be a smile facilitator than make somebody else money.”

The decision to start Southwest Paintball was driven by the belief that the market for such an activity remained largely untapped in Southwest Colorado. Currently, Pinion Flats Camp Paintball in Dolores is the sole other paintball field in the region.

Bayfield’s proximity to Durango, the largest town in Southwest Colorado, added to the appeal. White wanted to introduce a sport that allowed people to relish the outdoors, as the area had ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Southwest Paintball playing field
Paintball team playing in the tournament field at Southwest Paintball near Bayfield. Photo Credits: Southwest Paintball

White’s assessment seems on point, with limited entertainment options catering to children, especially during the summer season. While Purgatory offers activities like the Alpine Slide and Mountain Coaster, and the region has water-based fun like rafting, a comprehensive family entertainment center has been missing. This is where Southwest Paintball steps in, aiming to bridge the gap.

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Running an outdoor paintball field has its challenges, especially in Southwest Colorado’s unpredictable weather patterns. White amusingly notes, “Our season is so small, and some years we have an early spring or late spring, or early winter or late winter, and both of those are going to cut into business.”

Despite the weather, White is enthusiastic about his two distinct fields in Bayfield. One is an inflatable tournament field, while the other is a creatively designed junkyard field, adding an innovative twist to the paintball experience.

Southwest Paintball is not just a field of paint splatters, but a canvas of joy and excitement for Bayfield’s youth. With every shot fired, laughter echoes, and memories are etched, making Southwest Paintball a vibrant hub of entertainment and smiles.

Three months into operation, Southwest Paintball is gaining momentum. The establishment has already hosted events for the SunUte Community Center and Bayfield Gymnastics group. While challenges like advertising persist, White’s commitment shines as he hosts Bayfield block parties, showcasing the gear and selling guns to interested individuals.

Participating in the fun costs $30 per person, with an additional $50 to $75 for purchasing paintballs. Southwest Paintball owner emphasizes that participants must buy paintballs from the business to ensure fairness and safety. The guns used are equipped with a chronograph that maintains consistent shooting speed.

Southwest Paintball Gameplay

Southwest Paintball is all about giving you a wide range of fun stuff to do. From intense paintball battles to newbie-friendly Low Impact Paintball and the super cool Gel Blasters – they have got it all covered!

Paintball: Get ready to be amazed. At Southwest Paintball, it is all about getting your heart racing with good old paintball action. Imagine strategizing with your crew, darting behind obstacles, and letting those paintballs fly. It’s not just a game; it’s a test of your skills, teamwork, and lightning-quick reflexes. You’ll be on a high, trust me!

Low Impact Paintball: New to the paintball scene or want a less intense vibe? Low Impact Paintball is here for you at Southwest Paintball. They have dialed down the impact but dialed up the fun. It’s the same excitement with a gentler touch, perfect for newbies, young guns, and anyone who wants a laid-back yet epic experience.

Gel Blasters: Hold on, because this one’s a curveball! Meet Gel Blasters – they’re like paintball but cooler. Shoot water-absorbent gel balls that burst with a splatter on impact. It’s a show without the paint mess. Ideal for family outings, team hangouts, and anyone who wants a unique blast of fun.

John White knows – everyone’s taste is different. That’s why he believes all about keeping things diverse.

Southwest Paintball field
Beautiful view of Southwest Paintball field near Bayfield Photo Credits: Southwest Paintball

Ready for some fun? Swing by Southwest Paintball and find your kind of thrill. It’s all about creating a fantastic space for every kind of player.

Adventure is calling – see you at Southwest Paintball!

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