what hurts more paintball or airsoft

what hurt more airsoft or paintball

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what hurts more paintball or airsoft? We have all been there, playing either sport and getting hit with a pellet. It stings, but which one is more painful? We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you decide.

Paintball and airsoft are similar games, but there are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of if you’ve never played. If you were to look at both games from the outside, you could get the impression that they are very similar.

What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft?

Paintball is said to cause more discomfort than airsoft. A paintball is a giant ball, when it makes contact with a person, results in the person experiencing swelling. It accomplishes the same goal, at a greater degree than its counterpart, airsoft.

Both paintball and airsoft can inflict real world injuries on players. On the other side, airsoft is a more forgiving sport than paintball. Paintball poses a greater risk of physical injury to participants compared to airsoft.

In this piece, we will not discuss whether airsoft or paintball is more effective or offer our view on the matter. Since game players have varying preferences, these choices are entirely subjective. After reading this, you will gain a deeper comprehension of airsoft and paintball.

A Comparison between Paintball and Airsoft

The size of the player’s target is the most noticeable distinction between paintball and airsoft when contrasting the two. They are available in a wide range of dimensions and weights. Size influences the magnitude of the pain. It is essential to recognize that these two aspects are distinct. Both are traveling at a rate of 300–400 feet per second.

The paintball gun weighs almost three times as much as the airsoft gun, which comes in at about 20 grams. The amount of energy released by airsoft is around 84 Joules, whereas paintball releases approximately 12.5 Joules. Paintballs have a more significant energy density than airsoft balls, which indicates that they are more effective than the latter. Also, paintballs have a greater surface area than standard balls.

Neither the weights nor the dimensions of these things are identical. After being activated, they have a different mode of operation.

Due to its larger size, greater surface area, and heavier weight, paintball causes more pain than airsoft. When the frame rate increases, the likelihood that you will feel agony after being hit also increases.

Paintball and Airsoft FPS Count

You are undoubtedly already familiar with “frames per second.” Which refers to the rate at which the gunshots in paintball and airsoft games. The phrase “frames per second” (FPS) is sometimes used. It will provide the user with information about the speed of the shot. If the score is higher, it will suggest a greater possibility of being injured.

Paintball or Airsoft
what hurts more airsoft or paintball

Most airsoft weapons have a typical FPS range of 350 to 400. It is the best choice if the game requires the user to record at a frame rate lower than 400 frames per second. To maintain the instrument’s accuracy, checking for any air leaks is essential.

How does paintball or airsoft distance affect pain?

If you shoot an individual from a closer distance, they will get more injuries than if you aim from a greater distance, such as 130-150 feet. If, on the other hand, you aim at someone from a closer distance, say less than 50 feet away, it will hit him more forcefully. And he will be aware of the impact since it will be significant enough for him to notice it.

Difference between indoor and outdoor paintball and airsoft

Most people who play paintball or airsoft don’t consider the field’s terrain much. Understand this because you will calculate how far away the person shooting at you will be.

In indoor fields, the opponent distances will range from 25 to 50 feet, depending on the shape of the field. However, the situation can change if you conceal yourself and creep around the corner.

The outdoor playing fields are so expensive, so the playing time outside may increase. Playing on a field outside is much recommended for amateurs and professionals.

How do air and wind impact paintball and airsoft pain?

To get things started, you might not be aware of the wind’s effect on the location and accuracy of your shots. The wind plays a large part in the process when it is put into practice. The wind can impact your performance if you are playing in an outdoor setting. If you want to play inside, you won’t have to worry about this because you won’t be exposed to the elements.

Players of airsoft players are more susceptible to the effects of wind than paintball. Paintball players engage in close-quarters combat; So, so the significance of this fact is less. The BBs will have to work more to get when you aim downwind instead of against the wind. They won’t get there as quickly as if you were shooting into the wind.

If winds are blowing in the opposite direction of your target, it may take longer to achieve your goal. Your attack moves slower than it did since your BBs are going more slowly.

This game has a lot in common with another activity called tug of war, played using a rope. Your competitors pull you in one direction while the wind is in the opposite direction. Your BBs will travel considerably further and faster, but they will also move in different directions where the breeze blows.

What differentiates paintball guns from airsoft guns

Both games emphasize firearms, which serve as their primary piece of equipment. However, airsoft and paintball guns, with their accessories, differ from one another.

A loader or hopper feeds paintball ammunition into the gun when playing paintball. They are enormous because they have to be able to store as many paintball markers ranging from 50 to 68 calibres. A paintball gun with a good quality hopper contains between 200 and 300 paintballs. Batteries are what provide the power for paintball weapons.

The weight of the paintballs ensures that their accuracy is preserved and unaffected by the presence of wind or small branches. They use pressurized gas to propel the paintballs, giving them a decent range. On the other hand, enormous pressurized gas tanks are necessary for power generation.

Due to the size of the paintballs, players feel the precise trajectory. It allows them to adjust their aim if it is too low or too high compared to their opponents. Airsoft BB guns and paintball guns are different from one another in several aspects. Compared to Airsoft, Paintball guns are prone to jamming due to broken paintballs.

It is much simple and less challenging to get into the sport because you can purchase spring-powered BB guns and ammo at a low cost. The pricing of high-end paintball guns and airsoft guns are comparable in terms of cost.

This process is quite similar to how real bullets are loaded. Compared to earlier iterations, these have far lower weightlessness and are much simpler to move. Once you have removed the empty mag from the weapon, replace it with a mag with ammunition in it. During a tournament, there will be no attempt to refill a paintball hopper.

Differences between Paintball and Airsoft Honor (Airsofters) (Paintballs)

Both sides will use the same players and play the game in an area that has already been decided. Both teams’ participation in the game will end immediately if either of the two teams is eliminated by a shot or tag delivered by the other team.

During paintball, it is easy to tell if a player has been hit since the ball explodes and the player is covered in paint. Declaring that he has been hit is the responsibility of the player who has been struck. There is no visible corroboration; all that can be relied on is the player’s honesty. Because of this, the game runs the risk of being damaged by dishonest players. The game organizers have the authority to disqualify any player who is cheating.

Which body parts does airsoft or paintball hurt more

Some parts of the body are more painful than others. They may feel some discomfort in a few different spots as a result. Nevertheless, those regions become intolerable when airsoft or paintball is played.

Even a relatively insignificant amount of dirt might cause significant problems. In addition, playing airsoft is more unpleasant than you anticipate and does more damage to the eyes.

Both paintball and airsoft can cause a significant amount of discomfort to the teeth. It would be best if you put on a protective mask before beginning to play. In addition, the lips, the neck, the fingers, and the ears are all places where these little balls have the potential to cause severe discomfort.

To protect yourself from experiencing an injury of this nature, you must read our article What To Wear For Paintball before you entered the game.

Paintball and Airsoft safety precautions

Follow all necessary safety measures while playing paintball or airsoft. Then pellets will not pose a substantial risk to your health and well-being. When thinking about safeguarding your body, your eyes warrant the most attention.

The cover provided by your goggles should be enough to prevent your eyes. If you intend to play paintball, you should consider buying a mask covering your entire face. Paintball and airsoft both have the potential to inflict injuries on other parts of the face. It would be best if you made every effort to keep your ears, neck, and throat covered to protect yourself.

It is also wise to not expose your fingers if an oncoming missile hits them. A pellet can cause a large amount of discomfort because the fingers and thumbs have a small amount of muscle and fat composition.

Which is more painful, being shot with paintballs or pellets?

Although a direct hit from any pellet can be unpleasant, airsoft pellets are less painful than paintballs. Airsoft shotguns may shoot pellets measuring 66 mm in diameter and weighing 0.20 to 0.28 grams. These pellets are propelled forward at velocities ranging from 300 to 400 FPS.


Players engage in various violent encounters with one another in each type of game. There may be variations in the required abilities, rules, and equipment. But the goal is always to have as much fun as possible. So, we believe that picking between paintball and airsoft is a matter of one’s preference.

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