What to Wear for Paintball in Summer

What to Wear for Paintball in the Summer

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what should I wear to paintball in Summer? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you. Paintball season has officially begun now that summer has arrived, and you already know what that means! Your group of friends and you must be very excited to get out there finally, fire some paint, and achieve a satisfying victory. But there’s just one problem – the heat.

How else are you going to keep your calm during that paintball game? Although clothing plays a significant role, it is not the only factor that can make you feel less hot while actively playing; in fact, there are a few other factors. The following is some advice that may be of use to you.

How To Maintain You Cool During A Paintball Game In The Summer

1. Play in an area that has some shade

Can you pick the location of the game? You can, but there aren’t that many individuals aware of that fact. If the location where you intend to play paintball offers more than one field for games, you should inquire about the possibility of playing on a shaded field. Because there is not much heat in these areas, it will be simpler for you and your guide to engage in physical activity here. Additionally, there are other places for you to conceal yourself!

If there are not any fields that offer a sufficient amount of shade, then you should try to keep as near as possible to trees and other obstacles that can provide some shade. They also can serve as cover, so it’s a win-win situation!

2. Take breaks

During a paintball game, will you be expected to take rests at certain intervals? You are not, and there will not be any timed breaks like there were when you were in school. Despite this, you should make an effort to schedule some downtime to allow yourself to refocus and revitalize during the break. You cannot take off your protective gear; however, you can alleviate some discomforts by finding shade, taking a few deep breaths, and drinking some water.

If you are out in the open, you should seek out someplace with some shade, such as behind a tree, so that you can rest for a time. You can evade an attack using this strategy while also gaining some rest.

3. be sure to bring along a cooler

Have you heard that you are permitted to bring a cooler with you? Some individuals frequently bring not one but two coolers: one for their paint cases and another for their beverages and snacks. You must have a supply of vitamins and minerals for paintball games because they might last for a considerable time.

However, you do not need to bring any meals with you. You won’t even have time to eat them before you have to leave. But carrying some food and bottled water with you will unquestionably be of assistance in preventing you from passing out. You can also prevent dehydration by bringing electrolyte-containing beverages with you.

4. Stay hydrated

When you stop working, carefully hydrate thoroughly by drinking lots of water. Getting dehydrated is the very worst thing that could happen to you. That is not beneficial for your team or, more importantly, for you. Because the temperature will be close to ninety degrees while you play, you must drink enough water before, during, and after the game.

It would be best if you began by drinking two glasses of water before your game and then continued to drink water frequently throughout the pauses in the game. What if you aren’t even thirsty at the moment? Even if you’re not thirsty, it’s a good idea to down at least a half glass of water. You will lose water constantly because you will sweat during the entire process. Therefore, it is imperative that you consistently drink water, even if you do not feel like doing so.

Paintball is most enjoyable during the summer because players do not have to worry about getting muddy or getting caught in the rain during their games. However, the summer brings extremely hot weather, making it uncomfortable to wear any clothing while playing paintball. Is it possible to accomplish that while wearing short and light clothing? You’ll learn it right here. What to wear to paintball in summer

What to Wear For Paintball in summer

You should be wearing something comfortable and practical before you read further about what to wear to play paintball in summer. As you’ll discover in the following sections, not everything you wear will be considered fashionable, and that’s perfectly fine. Your objective here is to maintain your composure while ensuring your safety for the game.

What to wear for paintball

1. Headpiece

Your head is one of the sections of your body most susceptible to injury, and as such, it is only appropriate to pay attention to this. When playing paintball, you will need to wear a cap, a beanie, or a hood to protect your head and hair. This will allow you to cover both your head and your hair. Because it is summer, you may find it helpful to wear a bandana or tie your hair back to keep it out of your eyes.

Shouldn’t you try to cut back on the number of things you put on your head? If getting hit by those balls wasn’t the point of playing paintball, then there wouldn’t be much of a need for you to wear anything underneath your visor. Paintball, on the other hand, does not operate in this manner. Instead of wearing those bulky and thick woolen head covers, you could consider wearing a cotton bandana or a thin beanie. This will help keep you cool.

It’s possible that wearing a hoodie during the colder months is a smart idea, but it won’t be very reassuring during the warmer months. Hoodies are frequently made of thick material, which traps heat around your neck. As a result, wearing one may cause you to feel even hotter than usual. Just make sure to wear something thin underneath your visor at all times.

2. Top

What about the top you’re wearing? Are tank tops an option for you? Of course not! At the bare minimum, you are required to wear a shirt or a blue if you are a girl like me and some elbow pads if you become increasingly frustrated by the need to wear multiple layers.

On the other hand, the top that should be worn is a thin long-sleeved shirt. Cotton or a material called dry-fit can be used in its construction, preventing the shirt from merely soaking up any moisture that may be present. If you had a sports top, that would be ideal because the fabric of those tops is designed to withstand heat and sweat.

Keep away from wearing dark hues if you want to look your best. Because dark hues are so good at absorbing heat, wearing them will make you feel even hotter. Stick to wearing long-sleeved tops in pastel colors, or stick to wearing white ones. Remember that you are also wearing coveralls if your concern that your shirt’s light hue would give you away is justified.

Should you put on vests at all times? You are not required to do so, especially not under weather conditions like this. On the other hand, if you play during the seasons when it is cooler, you should always be sure to wear a vest.

3. Bottom

Regardless of the season, shorts cannot be worn when playing paintball. So, what more do you have in your closet? Stay with lightweight options such as cargo pants, jogging pants, or track pants. To prevent them from becoming tacky on your legs as you start to sweat, they should fit loosely against your skin as much as possible.

You don’t need to worry because your coveralls come with a pair of bottom pants that will keep your legs from becoming scraped or injured. However, some paintball companies do not supply knee pads for their customers. If you want additional protection, carrying your knee pads with you while you play paintball is better.

What color do you recommend for your bottoms? It should be in a light color, just like your top, just like your top. It is best to avoid wearing black or dark blue because these colors absorb heat far more rapidly than brighter ones. It would help if you were not concerned that the pieces of your clothing don’t go together. Paintball is not the time or place to be concerned with looking fashionable; you should focus on being functional.

4. Shoes and Boots

Even while your feet won’t be a target very often, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to safeguard them. Sandals, including those designed specifically for hiking, are forbidden footwear here. Although it is summer, there is no way to get away with this.

So, which shoes are the most appropriate for paintball? In most paintball arenas, you are permitted to wear rubber shoes; however, it is recommended that you wear boots or ankle-high shoes. Why? This is because ankle injuries sustained while playing paintball are rather prevalent. Wearing footwear that offers additional support for the ankle is a good idea if you want to reduce your risk of spraining or breaking your ankle.

However, you shouldn’t wear boots that are too thick. Maintain your focus on finding lightweight boots. It should go without saying that heeled footwear is not permitted. Even if they provide ankle support, you won’t be able to keep your balance if you aren’t wearing flat shoes in this situation. Put on thin socks that wick away sweat and wear them below your shoes.

5. Additional Personal Protective Equipment

Is there anything besides the gear you already have that you should wear for paintball in the summer? Additional protective gear can help maintain your safety, even though it is not required in most situations. You are, after all, still engaged in a game of paintball. When you sign up for a game, most paintball locations will outfit you with the essentials, including a coverall and a face mask. The rest of it, you can bring upon yourself to make certain.

What to Wear for Paintball in the Summer
Complete dress for Paintball in the Summer

What about using gloves instead? You should still put on gloves even if it’s a warm day. Wearing gloves during a paintball game is strongly recommended because cuts and scrapes to the hands are the second most common sort of injury that can occur during these games. However, you don’t need to wear thick gloves. Weightlifting gloves, golf gloves, or gloves designed for use in the gym should suffice.

What do women wear for paintballs in summers

Women should follow my lead and forego wearing a loose top and pants instead of layering their clothing. It is helpful to switch out of sweaty clothes fast after a game, and it is also helpful with movement while playing the game. I think going commando is the best choice, but if you are the more reserved, you can always dress in layers instead. You will be grateful to me in the future. 

Because it is summer, you don’t need to wear full safety gear at this time. All you need to do is put on some knee and elbow pads to be safe. Keep in mind that the more layers you add to your body, the more heat you will feel; therefore, you should try to limit the number of clothes you wear.


Paintballs can cause significant pain, so it is important to cover up as much of your skin as you can when playing the game. Because of this, it is best to steer clear of anything with short sleeves or a vest and instead opt for something like a jumper, hoodie, or long-sleeved shirt.

As a result, wearing shorts is not suggested. Most players wear black sweatpants with a loose fit, jeans, bud cargo trousers, jumpsuits, or paintball specialty pants. Because paintball injuries to the ankle are among the most prevalent, this is one of the essential components.

But yes! Maybe! This includes the paint fill, which is intended and manufactured to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic, water-soluble, and biodegradable. Paintballs are developed and made to be environmentally friendly. Paintball splats can be entirely removed from clothing if the garments are washed as soon as possible following the day of play.


Playing paintball throughout the summer is undeniably one of the most enjoyable times. The only catch is that you have to deal with the heat. You won’t have to worry about leaving the game early due to discomfort if you dress appropriately for the temperature and take adequate precautions to prepare for it.

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